Social Science

If you are interested in qualifications that help you to understand the world around you, including the laws and expectations that govern it, this is the department for you! Our prestigious courses will help you grow a range of skills, and you’ll enjoy a fantastic range of experiences which include hearing from ex-offenders in Criminology, and our Mock Bar Trial in Law to a trip to the international Psychology conference and a visit from a neuro-surgeon to help you understand how the brain influences behaviour. The information below explains more!

The atmosphere at College is fantastic. I had invaluable support during my time at HNC, helping me grow both academically and personally. I was a shy individual with lots of self-doubt, but I have left as a confident individual not afraid to share my opinions. I loved the wide range of topics in Psychology, I was interested in social influence, attachment and stress, which I could carry across to my English Language course and see the links between the two. The teachers are always happy to help!

Emily Drake-Brockman