Modern Foreign Languages

Those who can speak a second Language enjoy a fantastic range of additional communication skills, and can often command higher salaries in their careers. We offer both A Level French and Spanish, and you’ll need to have studied the language at GCSE to apply. We offer a fantastic experience, including a half hour session each week where you will converse in your chosen language, and an exchange programme so you can learn more about the culture of the language you are studying.

French is such a rewarding subject, not only do you learn a whole other language, but you learn so much about your own language in the process! Lessons are well-structured so you know which days you will be learning and practicing grammar and which days you will be learning about French culture, French history and other interesting topics. Each week in French, you will take part in a weekly conversation class to practice speaking. I found this very useful and along with the weekly support sessions, this really helped me to achieve my full potential.”

Holly Penberthy