Subjects in the department

Subjects in the department include:
A Level Geography, A Level Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, A Level History, A Level Politics


If you have an enquiring mind, and are interested in courses that will help you develop skills that will support you through life, then our Humanities courses are for you! Our forward thinking department enhances your experience in many ways, from specialist speakers to events such as a Hustings during the election period! All of the A Levels we offer are valued highly by leading universities.

I liked the sense of community in my Politics class -everyone was respectful of each other’s opinions, so it was really easy to express our views and debate. One of my favourite memories of the course is the General Election Week. We got to attend a hustings event with local political candidates, and we had an overnight viewing of the Election results. Experiences like these made me even more interested in the subject.

Naomi Bell-Crawford